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Forex chatroom banter

forex chatroom banter

In another chat a Barclays trader sent a message saying: fooooooooooookkkkk as an attempt to rig a rate proved challenging. At the end of the the day it is just a suggestion and it will fly or not. T2W has hit or will hit shortly the 10 000 member mark. I must be getting soft in my old age. Having used the chatroom at MoneyTec (lurking only) it struck me how useful a FX only room was.

Traders forex chatroom banter exposed Financial Times

To be honest it matters little where it is based or how it is hosted. J jpwone, well-known member 254 3, feb 27, 2004. There has been a significant increase in interest in trading Forex recently. Regards to you all alan Top Bottom). In fact its ideal as it has persistence while voice and video do not. Web cams and voice/audio seem to be the thing. There can be lengthy periods of sideways movement in Forex. Just a bit of banter, boss, between colleagues. When the traders room was used by a greater number of traders some while back, I was trading futures and stopped using the room because I missed a few trades while chatting. Has even, on occasion been well worth starting work early Has made the rest of the week slightly easier, pressure wise, paying the bills. Total voters 49, j jpwone, well-known member 254 3, feb 27, 2004, a quick idea which I thought it might be worth getting other views.

Forex ( fx ) chat room

However, it could be the start of something great and that is the feeling I have. He quipped: W e all die together. If only 5 of those trade Forex and 10 of those use the room on a regular basis then T2W would have a Forex room which is more active than the current General Chat room. It has some subtle links, a move in the Yen can give you early warning (seconds) of a move in GBP and Euro and vice versa. The chat room brings the immediacy of more eyes on the ball. For myself, I actively trade 2 majors and watch 3 others. The downside to that is timing. Allyson and I do have snappy banter. Skip to main content, currencies, this article is more than 3 years old, this article is more than 3 years old, traders from major banks discussed rigging the foreign markets. Anyhow, if I came across as a condescending t*t then I have to say it was not meant. So we need to coordinate on pricing).

Live, forex fX chatroom

They would have had an alternate view. One trader described himself and his fellow participants as the 3 musketeers. I've switched vehicles because I find forex slower than futures which ties in with a move abroad, so maybe would be able to take part more and not miss the trades. Feb 28, 2004 Yep, I'm up for that. Ok, at the end of the day you should not let someone elses view determine how you trade and you have to consider that their experience and trading method may be very different to your own but I see more upside than downside overall. The show is nothing more than a melange of bad jokes and mind-numbing banter. Why not a dedicated chat room? In my experience it's rare to see more 10 of the issues discussed real-time make it back to the forum - something which can be browsed by all 24X7 - and one of the major benefits of a BB system. To have voice conferencing capability (such as Paltalk has and is what we use when in the room requires specialist software to be installed on your pc which is provided FOC by Paltalk. It was also difficult sometimes to talk of strategies when there were a lot of 'lurkers' and the'chat' was posted on the front page of the site. I know that the idea might seem appealing, but i've tried them all and i tell you from my experience that chat rooms won't help you, on the contrary they will confuse you even more. I thought you wanted a room that had speech over internet. No, even that sounded like banter now.

I know others had the same problem. You're like the Romeo and Juliet of ball banter. Sorry wasnt meant to be a "why not create one in palktalk you idiot " statement, sorry if it came across as such! I was not aware that Grey1 had a PalTalk room for discussing pairs trading and therein lies the problem. Whilst I understand the ease with which I could create a PalTalk room my own preference is to use a room which is part of T2W. If it were I am sure that it would be impractical to run and of little use to anyone. I have been lurking around the T2W site for a couple of months now and the content provided by the more experienced members has been useful beyond belief! Me, JP, ftse beater, DT and others are quite often in the traders room on a Sunday night when everyone else is watching tele or down the pub.

Which reminds me of a few 'successful' trading rooms being monitored by mm's and big players and knowing exactly what the people in the room were going. Late backup isn't banter, Matt. Text only is fine. The Paltalk room is for use by those who have requested to join the Technical Trader Forum and it is not for just anyone who fancies a bit of a change. We could do it a hundred different ways if we wanted but why not try the obvious first and make it part of Trade2Win. J jpwone, well-known member 254 3, feb 27, 2004, lOL was I that curt? Photograph: Charly Triballeau/AFP/Getty Images. Feb 27, 2004 fair enough! Feb 28, 2004 Good evening y'all Being a newbie with a recent foot-wetting in the forex market, I can see that a stand alone chatroom would be very useful - especially to rookie like. I don't really think our trades in the market would carry much weight with the big boys, so not a lot to worry about with the institutions watching us Feb 28, 2004 jpwone said: i why not just create one in paltalk?

forex chatroom banter

Forex, chatroom and Trading Forum

One potential cartel member was allowed to join on a months trial but was warned: mess this up and sleep with one eye open at night. Hence, I suspect the demise in population of the traders room. It will be very interesting to see if the earlier opening has any great effect. One Barclays trader wrote: if you aint forex chatroom banter cheating, you aint trying. Not really the thing you want.

Disclaimer News Forex Signals. Live Forex Chat Room is a live chat room for traders: Mainly Forex market, other markets are also covered like Commodities and CFD/Indices. 1 dead link Dahal, Sanzeev. I've been to other forums like ET but looking for a live chatroom where fx is discussed. Engro Corporation Karachi. Since 1973 the Pakistani workers in the oil rich Arab states have been sources of billions of dollars of remittances. Any breach of this provision is punishable in accordance with the laws and regulations in force. There is no law that stated that holding or trading bitcoin is illegal. This can obviously reduce the tax cost of enterprises, increase the willing of "going global" and the competitiveness of domestic enterprises, and bring the goodness.

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